Monday, January 17, 2005

Artistic representation of Athens

At the right you can see the artistic representation of Athens at the time of it's acme (5th century B.C.).
The photo is based on the archaeological findings and the excavations. It is surely more beautiful than modern Athens (which is built above it), or than any other European city.

In ancient Greece the town and street planning were highly developed. The houses and the streets as well weren't built in random orientation. Each time the area where the city was going to be built, was taken into serious consideration. Street's position was thought to be correct only when the wind was excluded from the secondary roads (where the houses were built). The reason was because cold winds afflict the organism, humidity makes it sick and the hot winds harm it. What they really wanted in ancient Greece was to build a city which wouldn't harm it's citizens with various diseases. The whole matter has of course many parameters which is impossible for me to describe in few lines (the picture is coming from the encyclopedia "Pedia", Edition Modern world pedia 1979, volume 1, word "Athens" - Greek language only).

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Greeks of the Titanic

Did you know that there were four Greeks on the famous titanic? Indeed... Their names were Panagiotis Lymberopoulos, Vassilios Katavelos, Apostolos and Demetrios Chronopoulos. Unfortunately they all drowned when titinic sank (the sad thing was that all of them were young. The older one was only 33 years old).
They were comming from the same village of Messinia named Aghios Sostis. (There are many villages with the same name in Greece).